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1935 Wheaties Dizzy Dean #NNO

1935 Wheaties Dizzy Dean

Card Description

Player Name: Dizzy Dean

Card: 1935 Wheaties #NNO


Card Type: General Card

Condition: Very Good

Card Grade: n/a

Price: $72.86 (approx. 51% below book)

Stock ID: #894

Details: Really nice 1935 Wheaties Dizzy Dean. Card is oversized measuring 6 x 6-1/4. Card is obviously hand cut from a cereal box 82 years ago, but is cut very well and includes ALL of the bordering. Would consider condition to be vg-ex. Very small surface wrinkle in the front top right border area that does not show up on the rear of the card. Awesome card and it ships for FREE!

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